WordPress Release Notes – March 2018

Release Notes

Code Changes (transparent to end-users)

System Update –Updated to latest version of WordPress 4.9.4.

New Functionality

White Label Courseware

The Office of Digital, in collaboration with the Office of Design, has implemented the ability for U.S. Mission sites to take advantage of Design’s white label courseware. This functionality allows a Post to embed courses for their visitors to take on their website, and to generate a certificate of completion once the course quiz has been submitted successfully. At this time there are six courses available to embed:

  1. Management Strategies for People and Resources
  2. Fundamentals of Business Expansion
  3. Strategies for Personal Growth
  4. Community Organizing for Action
  5. Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business
  6. Responsible Leadership on Transparency and Good Governance

You can see an example of this in action at the YALI website: https://yali.state.gov/online-courses/

This functionality is added by the 24/7/365 help desk (gpadigitalhelp@state.gov) upon request. We recommend using all six classes, but you can choose to display fewer if you wish. Please make sure to let the help desk know the following:

  1. Which courses you would like.
  2. If you would like the Featured Program under Education & Culture to spotlight the courses, or would you prefer the page to be listed under “Local Programs”? You can also choose not to place this content in the Megamenu and link to it from the Education & Culture landing page instead.

Please note that due to the complexity of this functionality, it can take up to 48 hours for requests to be complete.

We will be implementing this in the Sample site within the next few days and will post the link in the #emb-digital-managers channel when it is complete.

Quick Edit – Notification Message – Added notification message settings to the Quick Edit feature for posts.

Instructions for New Functionality

Quick Edit – Notifications

To change Notification Message settings from Quick Edit:

  1. From ALL POSTS list, Scroll over Post name and Click QUICK EDIT.
  2. Under NOTIFICATION MESSAGE – TURN ON? , toggle settings using selector.