WordPress Release Notes – July 2018

Release Notes

Code Changes (transparent to end-users)

  1. Performance Updates– Updated several plugins and settings to improve overall site performance.
  2. Security Updates– Updated to WordPress version 4.9.7.

New Functionality

  1. Google Maps Page Embed – Customized Google Maps may now be embedded in pages and posts.

Instructions for New Functionality

Google Maps Creation and Embed Guidelines

  1. Create a short descriptive title for the map.
  2. Create maps to be embedded in Main Body of content with either the MAP, SATELLITE or TERRAIN option.
  3. Marker Items (such as pins) should use the same color palette as the Website – Dark Red (165, 39, 20), Navy Blue (26, 35, 126) and Gray (117, 117, 117).
  4. To embed the map, Click “EMBED ON MY SITE”, Copy the code and Paste into the Main Body of a page or post.

For additional help on creating Google Maps visit https://support.google.com/mymaps/
For additional help on embedding maps email gpadigitalhelp@state.gov