WordPress Release Notes– February 2021

Release Notes

Code Changes (transparent to end-users)

1. Performance Updates– Updated the following plugins and settings to improve overall site security and performance:
a. Gravity Forms- Bug fix for date/times on the system report. Updated the gform_file_upload_markup JS filter to include response as the sixth parameter.
b. Yoast SEO Premium- Bug fixes for estimated reading time not being shown and notifications in the notification center not being dismissible on sites with FastCGI.
c. Yoast Duplicate Post- Bug fix for fatal error caused by certain plugins.
d. Flow-Flow –Update for migration from older versions.
e. Slider Revolution- Bug fixes for carousel layers animating after changing slides and carousel rows changing size after being focused, if column has an overdimensional image.
f. Ubermenu- Added ubermenu_background_image-size filter. Updated compatibility to PHP 8.
g. Social Link Optimizer- Installed new plugin. Plugin adds the ability to aggregate multiple content links onto a single page.
h. ACF Pro- Added support for PHP 8.0 and jQuery 3.5. Added PHP validation for the email field (previously relied solely on browser validation).
i. Query Monitor- Bug fix for PHP 8.
j. PublishPress Permissions Pro- Bug fixes for Edit Category / Term – Metaboxes for Editing and Assignment permissions were blank.
k. Redirection- Added caching support, support for migrated permalink structures and dynamic URL variables.