WordPress Release Notes–December 2020

Release Notes

Code Changes (transparent to end-users)

1. Performance Updates- Updated the following plugins and settings to improve overall site security and performance:
a. Custom Editor Permission Sets – Created a new system for setting editor permissions within MWP sites. Custom permissions must still be requested by contacting gpadigitalhelp@state.gov.
b. Gravity Forms- Updated REST API v2 to support authentication while using WordPress 5.6 application passwords.
c. Polylang Pro –Removed bulk translate action for ACF field groups. Fixed the translation of the CPTUI labels when the language is set from the content.
d. Yoast Test Helper– Bug fixes for Start Optimization button, re-indexing notification and reset indexable tables and migrations functionality.
e. Yoast SEO Premium- Version 15.3 offers full language support for Hebrew. Bug fix for issue where AMC and W3C validation would break because Twitter meta tags would contain “value” attributes instead of “content” attributes.
f. Stop User Enumeration – Updated Library.
g. Flow-Flow – Bug fix for Instagram hashtag feeds for posts with multiple images. Minor Admin Styles tweak.
h. Redirection – Improved the display of long URLs and fixed warning with PHP 5.6.
i. Debug Bar –Refactored the HTTP Requests panel to remove jQuery usage, properly display response codes and improved CSS to emphasize errors and long requests.
j. ACF Pro – Bug fix for Revision meta to incorrectly update the parent Post meta. Bug fix for broken “Filter by Post Type” and “Filter by Taxonomy” field settings.
k. WordPress 5.5.3 Security and Maintenance – This release fixes an issue in WordPress 5.5.2 that makes it impossible to install WordPress on a brand new site that does not have an existing database connection configuration.
l. Query Monitor: Now Logs panel always displays with a link to help docs.
m. SrbTransLatin: Minimum WordPress version bumped to 5.3. Minimum PHP version bumped to 7.2. Added Ajax transliteration support. Simplified settings screen. Improved plugin performance.
n. Slider Revolution: Improved rendering process to increase page load times, reduced memory usage and smoothed out frame drops.
o. Google Tag Manager for WordPress: Bug fixes.
p. Inactive Logout: Removed HTML output for popup modal in all pages. Added Ajax implementation for timeout popup.