WordPress Release Notes – August 2021

Release Notes

Code Changes (transparent to end-users)

1. Performance Updates– Updated the following plugins and settings to improve overall site security and performance:
a. Gravity Forms- Updated form editor and form settings alert to reflect the new alerts styling. Bug fix for required indicator displaying when field is not required.
b. Slider Revolution- Table structure changed from unique to primary key. Bug fix for page jumps while loading on certain themes.
c. ACF Pro- Bug fixes for multiple image fields not validating properly and warnins when deleting files that do not exist.
d. Polylang Pro- Added compatibility with WordPress 5.8. Raised minimum WordPress version to 5.4.
e. Stop User Enumeration- Added option to remove author site maps.
f. ACF QuickEdit Fields- Bug fix for columns not displaying.
g. Yoast SEO Premium- Increased readability analysis with support for new languages Norwegian and Slovak.
h. Redis Object Cache- Bug fixes and security improvements. Added metrics diagnostics.
i. PressPermit Pro- Bug fixes for Navigation Menu Edit and increased load times for wp-admin.
j. Inactive Logout- Added option to disable login fields on popup and revert back to old style.
k. Contact Form 7- Maintenance release including bug fix for required file fields.
l. WordPress 5.8 – Enhancements and security updates including dropping support for IE 11 and adding support for WebP image files.
m. Redirection- Bug fixes for geo IP on log pages showing an API redirected error and a crash when changing match type in edit dialog.
n. Classic Editor- Bug fixes for issue preventing save of the last used editor.