Update Request Guidelines

Please use the template below for requesting a site update from the Embassy Service Desk Team:

Content to Post:  Please be very specific about the content to be posted, include a Word Document with the text if at all possible.  Please understand that any content submitted may have its formatting edited to comply with the Publishing Standards.

Related Images:  Please attach images in their original .jpg or .gif format (do not include them in the Word document) and supply us with the following:

  1. Where should the image go?
  2. What is the caption (remember to make this as brief as possible, there is a character limit in this field)
  3. What is the ALT Tag?
  4. Who should receive credit for the photo?

Note: Images that do not contain this information will not be posted, as it is required to maintain section 508 compliance.

Location of Content:  Please provide us, in detail, where the content should be placed within the site.  For example; as a “Press Release post and in the Home Page Slideshow”.

E-mail request to: gpadigitalhelp@state.gov

Request Example:


Content to Post: Please see attached Word Document

Related Images:

img1.jpg: Caption – Ambassador Smith gives a speech.  ALT: Photo of man at podium.  Credit: State Dept. (place in Latest Embassy News)

img2.jpg: Caption – Ambassador Smith greets visiting dignitaries. ALT: Photo of man shaking hands with group of people. Credit: AP Images (Place on page)

Location of Content: Press Release post in News & Events, Home Page Slideshow

Special Requests: Please contact me if there are any questions.

Note:  When attaching images or documents to requests, be sure to use the “attach” feature in your e-mail program.  do not just paste them within the document, as this can cause issues with our ticket system.