Requesting Website Edit Access

Q: How do I request edit access for the mission website?

A: All users must request a WordPress login through the MyData site on OpenNet.  The form required for MWP 1.0 and MWP 2.0 is the DS-4304. When filling out the form, users will need to:

  1.  Select an authorizing official: this official should be the Public Affairs Officer or the Primary Webmaster for post.
  2. Add a note in the Special Comments field: “MWP 1.0 Editing Access” OR “MWP 2.0 Editing Access” as relevant.

The workflow in MyData is automated; once the form has all the required approvals, it will be sent to the GPA Digital Help Desk to generate your credentials.

Q: How do we log into the mission website?

A: The Mission Website Platform (MWP) uses two-factor authentication. This means that each user must log in through OKTA, and then log into the individual WordPress site.

After submitting the DS-4304 request form (see instructions above), the GPA Digital Help Desk will provide credentials and steps to login:

  1. Open your Okta account and log in:
  2. Then, open the URL sent by the WB Team:

For further information about OKTA, call the ITSC directly at 202-647-2000, or email