modified user guide image

The TOOLBAR provides links to various administration functions, and is displayed at the top of the DASHBOARD. TOOLBAR links expand (fly-out) on hover to display more information. The items available in the TOOLBAR are (from left to right):

  1. WordPress Link – This provides the user with quick access to various WordPress sites.
  2. My Sites – Any sites to which a user has access will appear in this dropdown. This enables the user to easily switch from one site to another.
  3. Current Site – “United States of America and [Host Country]” Clicking this link directs the user to the “view” version of the website.
  4. + New – Allows the user to create new pages, posts, slides, shortcodes and to upload new media. This is especially useful if working in the “view” version of the website.
  5. SEO – Allows the user to get search insights by providing access to Keyword Research.
  6. Edit User – “Howdy [Name]!” provides access for users to update their profile and log out of the site.