Using the Visual / Text Editor

When creating PAGES and POSTS, users are given the option of using a VISUAL EDITOR or a TEXT EDITOR.

The VISUAL EDITOR employs WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) formatting so that the user may preview the look of content before saving or publishing. It is important to note that when copying and pasting content from other sources such as Microsoft Word or other Websites, that the HTML code may conflict with the Style Sheets in Modernized Templates. For this reason, we strongly urge users to clear out all HTML formatting before pasting content into the WYSIWYG editor by pasting it into Notepad.

The TEXT EDITOR enables the user to enter HTML code directly and should only be used by web managers experienced in writing HTML code.

  1. The VISUAL TAB enables the WYSIWYG editor.
  2. The TEXT TAB enables the HTML editor.
  3. The VISUAL TAB uses buttons to assist the user in formatting text.
  4. DISTRACTION FREE WRITING MODE is available. When clicked, all menus and sidebar items disappear, leaving only the VISUAL / TEXT EDITOR open in the user’s browser window. This is a toggle, and clicking it a second time will bring the menus, etc. back on