Training Purpose:

The Mission Website Platform (MWP) basic training plan encompasses an overall education and outreach strategy to support embassy websites. The MWP Basic Introduction course provides our users with an overview of WordPress features and GPA publishing standards. All new users are required to receive this training either from a DST training team member or cross-trained by a well-trained user at Post.

This plan identifies the overall structure of each training session, what the trainees/users will learn, and how they will be evaluated.

Training Overview:

The 3-day, 6 hour training will cover: 1) basic and advanced knowledge of the embassy modernization theme using WordPress; 2) State Department Embassy website style; 3) effective best practices for displaying content to engage an audience.

The 2-day, 4 hour training will cover: 1) basic knowledge of the WordPress and the State Department Embassy website style; 2) advanced-level editing methodologies, techniques and tools; 3) related software and equipment; 4) effective and efficient social media best practices for distributing videos that engage an audience.

Training Objectives:

  • Update and develop training materials, user guides, and evaluations for all technology platforms in the WordPress.
  • Conduct training both virtually.
  • Analyze, formulate and execute all training-related needs of the Embassy Modernization Project.
  • Write and produce course materials and other documentation, possibly using distance-learning technologies, to support trainees/users.
  • Assess performance and provide feedback to the Office of Global Web Director.
  • Monitor, evaluate and review the quality and effectiveness of training, assessment and outcomes of courses delivered.

Types of Training

This training typically takes two (2) hours a day for three days. It is intended for first-time users or for Posts who are upgrading into the latest version of the MWP.

This training is intended for Users who took the training long ago and haven’t used the system in quite some time. It also takes approximately two (2) hours per session and the number of sessions is negotiated with the training team.

This option allows the user to set the training agenda. A tutorial session can be as short as 30 minutes and last up to 2 hours. If the user needs a quick overview of a particular function of the MWP, this is a great option.

Regional Workshops are scheduled based on the migration schedule and budget availability. Attendance at a workshop is by invitation only and is typically determined by the Region where the workshop is held and the migration schedule.

This option allows a well trained user at post to conduct sessions for colleague(s) using training sites and materials provided by Global Web.

Training Details

  • Requests

All training requests for any type of MWP training should be initiated through the help-desk. Any training requests received via email should be forwarded to help-desk to generate a ticket in Zendesk. Users and their managers may request training sessions by emailing A member of the Training Team will work with the user to schedule the sessions.

  • Methods of Delivery

    Virtual Training:

    The sessions are instructor lead, delivered via Uberconference and the training conference line.

    Regional Workshops: 
    Offered on occasion and the schedule is determined by the product program manager. Currently, the attendance is by invitation only.

The MWP Training Team offers the in-person course, as needed via Regional Workshops, and upon request onsite in Washington. Online training is offered as needed to accommodate our worldwide user base. A calendar is maintained to schedule session(s)

Sample site:
Demo Training Sites:  Distributed upon scheduling
Guides: User Documentation

The participants will be evaluated based upon their level of understanding during the sessions and their ability to complete the exercises in Google Drive or Box. The Trainer will provide feedback to the trainees (users) based on how well they have completed these exercises. Based upon the evaluation, the trainer may suggest additional sessions

A survey will also be distributed to trainees (users) to submit responses on trainer(s) and training experience.