Flickr Feed

    1. Select FLICKR FEED in the Sidebar Options to add it to the page.
    2. Click FLICKR FEED from the left Sidebar Menu to edit the item.
    3. Add the following code in the FLICKR EMBED CODE field based on the Share Style selected:
      a. No Header or Footer: No additional code required. Skip to Step 4.
      b. Header and Footer: <style>.widget-flickr-feed .video-container {padding-bottom: 100%;}</style>
      c. Header: <style>.widget-flickr-feed .video-container {padding-bottom: 90%;}</style>
      d. Footer: <style>.widget-flickr-feed .video-container {padding-bottom: 70%;}</style>
    4. Enter the code generated by Flickr in the FLICKR EMBED CODE field behind the code entered in Step 3. NOTE: CODE WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE BASED IF HEADER, FOOTER, BOTH OR NONE ARE SELECTED.

Header Option

For example: The complete code for a Flickr Embed with “header” selected will appear as:
<style>.widget-flickr-feed .video-container {padding-bottom: 90%;}</style>
<a data-flickr-embed=”true” data-header=”true” data-footer=”false”
title=”Test album”><img
src=”” width=”100%”
height=”100%” alt=”Test album”></a><script async
src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Flickr Album Embed:
A Flickr album may be embedded if the album was created with that option available. To determine if the album has embed code: Mouse over the album and Click the arrow swoosh in the bottom right corner:

Follow the same instructions above to embed the album in the FLICKR SIDEBAR ITEM. Flickr galleries can also be embedded on body of pages by editing the Flickr album URL to include “/show” at the end of URL.

For the album to display correctly in the sidbebar use width=”300″ and height=”212″

For Example: