Use the Shortcode

  1. Create the Shortcode
  2. Use the Shortcode

    1. Navigate to the page or post where the content should be placed and Open in EDIT.
    2. If not done already, Select Custom Sidebar (YES)
    3. Scroll down to SHORTCODES (listed in alphabetical order)
    4. Click SHORTCODES either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4  from list of SIDEBARS
    5. Scroll up to SIDEBAR ELEMENTS
    6. Click on the Tab  below for SHORTCODES X
    7. Enter heading of Shortcode into SHORTCODE HEADINGS 1 field.
    8. In the CONTENT field of the page or a TEXT BOX, Enter the following Shortcode:
      a. Enter in this format: post-content id=#### (Must be in brackets)
      b. Replace the #### with the Post ID Number.
      Example of Post ID In URL

      No posts could be found that matched the specified criteria.

    9. Update or Publish the Page/Post.
    10. The Shortcode content should display.

      Note: If you need to make any changes, you must make them in the original SHORTCODE (the one in ALL SHORTCODES) for the changes to be applied. Reload the page to see updated content