Creating a Page – Listing Template

List templates are for lists of links that lead to other websites. They can also be used for internal pages. Descriptions can be added to the links; however, images are not used. (See image after instructions)

  1. Enter the page title in the TITLE field.
  2. If a focal image is desired, Click the ADD IMAGE button.
    a. Upload a new image or Select an image from the MEDIA LIBRARY.
  3. In the CONTENT field, Enter and Format desired content.
  4. Create the List.
    a. Enter the name of the link in the LINK TEXT field.
    b. Enter the link’s URL in the LINK URL field.
    c. In the LINK CONTENT field, Enter a brief description, if desired. Maximum 1300 characters.
  5. If additional links are required, Click the ADD NEW LIST ITEM button.