Creating a Page – Featured Event Template

Each site has the ability to highlight a special event or program with the Featured Event page or Featured Event Page Full (see examples linked on the sidebar). It is used in collaboration with Posts and supports a featured image or video. By Categorizing and Tagging Posts appropriately, they will automatically display on this page.

Before creating a FEATURED EVENT page or FEATURED EVENT PAGE FULL, the user must Identify and Create the TAG that will be used for all blog posts that should display on the page. This is done by Creating and Saving or Publishing the first Blog Post with the selected TAG.

All Posts that should display on a FEATURED EVENT page should be categorized as “Featured Event” and should use the TAG selected for the event. By doing this, any post that is set up in this way will automatically display in the blogroll that appears on the page.

  1. In the TITLE field, Enter the name of the event.
  2. For MEDIA TYPE, Select IMAGE or VIDEO.
    a. If IMAGE is selected, Click the ADD IMAGE button and Upload a new image or Select an image from the MEDIA LIBRARY.
    i. If the image should link to a URL, Enter the URL in the IMAGE LINK field.
    ii. Enter the ALT tag for the image in the IMAGE ALT TEXT field.
    b. If VIDEO is selected, Enter the URL of the associated YouTube video.
    c. If this is a FULL template, Select the PARALLAX BACKGROUND image in the sidebar.
  3. In the CONTENT field, Enter and Format a brief description of the event. This field is limited to 2600 characters.
  4. Select the chosen tag from the dropdown in the EVENT TAG field.
  5. Publish the page.
  6. Contact the help desk at with the following information so that the team in Washington can add your event to the MEGA MENU. Do not contact the team until you are ready for the changes to appear on your LIVE site.
    a. Provide the name of the Event – No more than 65 Characters.
    b. Attach the Image that should be used in the menu (243 x 115)
    c. Provide a Brief description of the event – No more than 200 Characters.