Page Templates

For ease of use when creating content, the U.S. Mission Website Platform provides custom templates specifically designed for use by web managers in the field. These templates address many different content scenarios, the most common of which are noted below.

Page Templates Available to All Users

Page Title Character Limit – 150

Template Name Common and Recommended Uses
Ambassador Page
  • Leader Biographies, specifically Ambassador,
  • DCM, Consuls General.
  • Top Image / Video.
  • Name Title Field Limit – 130 characters.
Default Page
  • Most all pages use the default template.
  • Pagination is available.
  • Accordion is available.
  • Images – Limit 2.
Featured Event Page/Full
  • Special events, featured programs, Embassy spotlight, etc.
  • Top Image / Video.
  • Tagged blogroll displays the 6 latest posts.
  • Show All button available to display all posts related to event.
  • Content Text Limit – 2600 characters.

Full Includes:

  • Parallax background image.
  • Centered textbox display.
  • Sidebar items appearing below the page.
Holidays Page
  • U.S. and local holidays.
  • Display limit of 12 calendar months.
  • Event Title Text Limit – 75 characters.
  • No Sidebar.
Image Video Page
  • This page is currently used for the Study in the USA page and the Travel & Tourism page. It maybe used in any section that requires an image-heavy look and feel.
  • Limit of 20 content boxes.
  • Box Heading Text Limit – 75 characters.
  • Box Content Text Limit – Recommend no more than 340 characters.
Listing Page
  • Any page that requires a listing, each list item can also accommodate a brief description.
  • Limit of 25 links per page.
  • Link Text Limit – 100 characters.
  • Description Text Limit – 1300 characters.
People Page
  • Useful for Key Officer pages or similar.
  • Limit of 20 items.
  • Name Title Text Limit – 130 characters.
  • Content Text Limit – 2600 characters. (Appears above list of “people”.)
Locations Blurb
  • Embassy related locations.
  • Includes embedded map, addresses and links.
  • Locations Limit – 20.

Administrator Templates

Template Name Common and Recommended Uses
Home Page
  • Contact the GPA Help Desk to update the homepage flip boxes and blogroll.
Landing Page
  • Top level pages for all Megamenu sections.
  • Limited to 10 links per section.
Location Page
  • Used exclusively for the Embassy & Consulate(s) landing page.
Travel Alert Page
  • Automatically populated by and items from the News & Events section with the “Security & Emergency Messages” and “Alert” categories.
Social Stream
  • Used to create Social Media stream on Social Media Properties page.