Logging In

  1. Logging In
  2. Lost Passwords

An Okta verified email address is required to access the edit site. Contact gpadigitalhelp@state.gov to be granted access. Please provide the following information: Full Name, Location and State.gov e-mail address.

All WordPress account information is automatically generated by the server. This means that when an account is created, the user will receive an e-mail notification informing them of their new account, and they will be required to activate the account.

Complete the following steps to Log in to a new site for the first time:

Open the Activation e-mail and Click the 2nd link. A confirmation will display.

Please note, that if the user is not currently logged in to their Okta verified email address, they will be prompted to do so. 

Use the password provided to Log in to WordPress for the first time.

After logging in, Navigate to the PROFILE section of the site and Complete the following:

  1. FIRST NAME field.
  2. LAST NAME field.
  4. From the dropdown, Select the correct display (typically First Name Last Name)