WordPress Logins

This page describes the process and requirements needed to obtain a WordPress Login.

Subject: MWP System Access Request Form through myData

In order to request a WordPress Login, the official DS-4304: Mission Website Platform Access Request will need to be completed.  The DS-4304 will be the only way to request new access, change current permissions, or remove a user. It is more secure and accessible only through OpenNet.

DS-4304 MWP Access Request: https://myapps.servicenowservices.com/home?id=mydata_cat_item&sys_id=742079201b8e14109c4fea42f54bcba8

Once you submit a request through the above link, it will be automatically routed to our Help Desk and then we’ll be in touch to fulfill it.

A secondary form is required which is a PDF Contact Information form so that each update to site access is kept current.

Contact information forms can be obtained through the appropriate webmaster or through the help desk.

Once the appropriate forms are verified to be completed and correct, the login will be created. Please refer to the “Logging In” section for further steps and details.

Please contact the Help desk team at gpadigitalhelp@state.gov if there are any questions or concerns.