Language Content Display

The Mission Website Platform uses the Polylang plugin to deliver language content to visitors. This plugin enables IIP to support Full, Partial and Single page Language versions of content for end users.

Users may translate as much or as little content as they desire and have the resources to maintain and IIP offers two options for Language content.

Option One is what IIP refers to as “FULL” LANGUAGE. Simply put, this means that the Language content has a translated Home page.

Option Two is “PARTIAL” LANGUAGE and is intended for use by Posts who do not have the resources to keep a current translated version of the Home page.

Option Three is a single page version and is intended for use by Posts who deliver their language content in a limited number of PDFs only. This option is recommended for visitors with very little translated content and limited resources for translation tasks.

All sites that offer additional languages are required to have the Language dropdown in the upper right corner of the header.

  • In FULL LANGUAGE sites, the dropdown will link to the corresponding Home Page.
  • In PARTIAL LANGUAGE sites, the dropdown will link to the Language’s site map.
  • In SINGLE PAGE LANGUAGE sites, a translation page will be created at the root and it can be linked from a Flip Box on the home page. There is no language dropdown. No SYSTEM PAGES will be created in Language.

SYSTEM PAGES must always have translated versions available for visitors. These include:

  1. Privacy page
  2. Sitemap page
  3. Social Media Properties page