Information Architecture


The Mission Website Platform information architecture consists of seven (7) sections, which represent the topics that are of primary interest to site visitors. These sections are broken down into sub categories, which can better assist visitors in finding specific information.

The seven sections are organized to include information that is specific to visas, U.S. citizen services, the bilateral relationship between the United States and the host country, business, education & culture, the physical location of the mission(s), and news & events.

When developing the information architecture and, in some cases, the content of these sections, IIP worked very closely with Consular Affairs (CA), Education & Culture (ECA), and the Economic Bureau.

In addition to consistent information architecture, there are several sidebar items throughout the site that are required. These are listed with their respective sections.

There are guidelines that determine what pages and labels can be modified. These guidelines are specific for the English language websites. Posts that support a language website may edit local language labels and sections as appropriate.

In order to ensure compliance with the information architecture and the standardized content and naming conventions, there are pages in the site that are not editable by web managers. These pages are also noted. If any changes are required, please contact the help desk at: for assistance.