Home Page Slides

Home Slideshow are located on the home page, it presents up to four (4) pieces of content (images etc.) which will rotate automatically or can be manually advanced by the visitor.

The Slides panel provides users with the ability to view, add, edit, or delete slides. The Slides menu provides user’s access to the All Slides and the Add New options. When selecting Slides from the menu, the All Slides screen displays.

Within the ALL SLIDES page, users can perform several routine tasks:

  1. Add new slides.
  2. Customize the displayed information using the SCREEN OPTIONS tab.
  3. Review the Help file information related to this panel.
  4. Review the various statuses of all slides. The user may select to view all slides, slides that are in draft and slides in the trash.
  5. Search for specific slides.
  6. Perform Bulk Actions on slides including editing and moving slides to the trash.
  7. Filter the displayed slides by Date, Categories, and SEO Scores.
  8. Review the Title, Author, Categories, Tags, Comments, Date, SEO, SEO Title, Meta Desc., and KW (Keyword) Focus field information related to a slide.
  9. Set a slide to expire and disappear from Home Page.

    Note: If there is only one slide on the home page, it will not expire.