Creating Pagination

  1. Creating Pagination
  2. Adding Child Pages

The first step in creating new pagination is to select “Yes” in the Default Pagination section in the Edit Page screen. This section appears directly below the Content box.

If yes is selected, the Hierarchy section will display. This is where the user determines if the page being created is the Parent page of the Pagination Section, or if it is a Child page.

First, the Parent Page must be created.

  1. In the HIERARCHY section, Select yes.
  2. Create the Page as desired.
  3. When creating a PAGINATION section, the Parent page must be published. In the PUBLISH section, Set the page visibility to PASSWORD PROTECTED, Assign a simple password, and Publish.
  4. In the PUBLISH section, Hold the CTRL key and Click the COPY TO A NEW DRAFT link. The new page should open in a new browser tab. Do not close the tab with the Parent Page.
    a. In the YOAST section at the bottom of the page, Open the ADVANCED tab and Paste the URL of the Parent page into the CANONICAL URL field.
  5. Publish the page.