Creating and Managing Pagination

Mission websites do not make use of a left navigation. This functionality has been replaced with Pagination. Pagination is optimized for mobile users, giving them two choices on navigating through related content: Directly tapping the link in the table of contents, or using the “next” and “previous” areas of the page to scroll through the content.

Under normal circumstances, web managers in the field should not need to create new pagination sections. Because most of the page content in the site is static, nearly all of the pagination should already be available. However, if a new pagination section is required, it is important to follow all of the steps below to ensure that it is created correctly.

Before creating pagination within the website, it is important that users understand how this feature works.

Pagination consists of a Parent page and Child Pages and is used with the Default Page template. In order for pagination to work properly, it must be set up in a very particular way.