Great Seal of the United States

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7 October, 2021 | Art & Culture, Events

A PHOTO GALLERY allows a user to display multiple images contained within a slideshow. Within a POST, users can perform the following steps to create a photo gallery: Create a new post. Select the Add Media button which is located above the main content block. Select Create Gallery on the left. You may upload your own photos into the site ...
let freedom ring


4 July, 2020 | Africa, Events, Featured Event, Fundamental Freedoms, News

“America is known as the land of freedom. Independence Day is the day that freedom is celebrated. Some parts of America’s history have been problematic, and the long struggle for equal rights for all citizens has confirmed that freedom is inherent in American values. Because freedom is at the heart of the nation’s aspirations, everyone ...

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13 July, 2017 | Events

After marathon negotiations, the United States and its international partners reached a historic framework to limit Iran’s nuclear program and keep it peaceful. “Today, the United States — together with our allies and partners — has reached an historic understanding with Iran,” Former  President Obama said at the White House  on April 2, in announcing  key parameters  of the understanding. “I am convinced if this ...

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13 July, 2017 | Events

Where can you find virtual-reality gadgets, 3-D printers and robots under the same roof? The International Consumer Electronics Show, an annual gathering in Las Vegas of all things high-tech. More than 140 countries are expected to be represented at the 2015 event. In the U.S., events like  South by Southwest  and  TechCrunch Disrupt  also attract the world’s innovators and feature their ...

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13 July, 2017 | Events

When you switch on a light or fire up the stove, do you think about where your energy comes from? Probably not, until the lights go off. Countries increasingly develop and transport natural gas to prevent potentially crippling supply disruptions. “Powered by new innovation and technology, we are now on the cusp of a true energy ...

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13 July, 2017 | Events

It may be a few years away, but one day vehicle owners could pull up to a gas station and fill up with charged electrolytes. A breakthrough battery developed at Purdue University in  Indiana  may change how we power our electric vehicles and enhance global energy security. It’s a flow battery — a type of rechargeable battery composed ...
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